Lumi Technology Mission

The Lumi Technology mission statement is to create and provide all the newest, modern, up-to-date and innovative solutions and technical support for IT services such as websites, online shops, portals and professional Internet marketing.

All the Internet services and the use of the Internet are part and parcel of each new company, firm, or an institution that seriously consider to receive a considerable Internet publicity and the subsequent positive feedback.

Lumi Technology company and their services help the Clients from various different market branches and special fields as this is the environment which provides the best chances and opportunities for companies as far as standing out and attracting of the new Clients and Customers is concerned.

Our main strenghts are:

  • professional service & reliability for our Customers
  • taking care of the constant development of our services and getting new Clients
  • work satisfaction of both employers and employees
  • emphasis on the effectiveness of our services
  • investment in technical facilities for a better efficiency of the company
  • we are eager to build solid relations with our Clients & Customers

We do not reduce ourselves to building websites and creating a professional image of the business on the Internet:

  • we create perfectly matched AdWords campaigns for UK / EU companies of all business branches
  • we provide a noteworthy support in searching for trade cooperation possibilities with Polish companies
  • professional and effectively run representative office for foreign companies investing in Poland
  • offering full and up-to-date databases of Polish companies with all the necessary information
  • help in dealing with legal, financial and registration issues in Polis offices, bodies and organisations
  • and more...

Creativity and progress is our primary goal. We are constantly developing our own working skills and, as a result – we are broadening the range of the services that are available. One of our main issues is to provide our Clients with the solutions that will suit their needs and expectations and will make them pleased. It is also important for us that our services be the source of the mutual benefits that will result from them. Lumi Technology always puts an emphasis on the Client's needs and requirements fulfillment.

The requirements vary from web sites creation and editing, editing of the site content (including the content of online shops), technical support and the newest and up-to-date solutions for programming using our Lumi CMS firmware.

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