Advertising company in Poland – professional marketing service for UK / European Union companies


If your company have been searching for a professional marketing service on the Polish market our advertising agency in Poland can offer a complete list of all the necessary marketing and advertising services to establish your business effectively.

What do we offer?

We are specialists in lots of different services connected with lots of different sectors:

  • professional help in providing all relevant databases for the purpose of foreign companies
  • establishing a professional representative office on the territory of Poland
  • searching for an appropriate team of office workers for your representative office (there is also the possibility of using our representative services for your office in Poland)
  • excellent quality website designs with user-friendly LumiCMS panels (works like MS Word)
  • creating on-line shops
  • creating Internet portals
  • website designing
  • professional website/shop/portal software and firmware
  • eye-catching and aesthetical auction templates for shops (Ebay, Allegro, etc.)
  • professional and individually-prepared Internet advertisment campaigns, AdWords campaigns and other Internet marketing services
  • a thorough Polish market research and analysis for the purpose of foreign investors
  • comprehensive help in providing all the necessary information to overseas companies investing in Poland (including legal, financial, registration information, etc.)
  • creating advertising materials such as flyers, folders, headed papers, etc.
  • searching for trade cooperation with Polish based companies
  • professional SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process
  • and lots of other valuable and highest quality services

Our advertising agency in Poland can offer a complete and comprehensive set of all the most important and most reliable services you can imagine and need to establish your business in Poland.

Who are we?

We are a trustworthy team of specialists – each of us can offer a different, yet compelling and arresting ideas for different services:

  • our graphic designers will provide to you the most uniqe, standing out and attractive templates for all sorts of websites, online shops or portals
  • our programmers are capable of creating even the most advanced and complex programmes, payment modules and others
  • our translators and copywriters create professional, marketing-oriented and detailed product descriptions, marketing texts, the whole website content and advertising slogans in variety of languages (including English, Polish, German, French, Hungarian, Spanish and lots of others)

Contact us if you need a comprehensive and thorough marketing suport for you company on the Polish market. Our advertising agency in Poland will offer you the most rewarding services for unrivalled prices.

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