Lumi Technology innovative ideas and solutions


We present and introduce Lumi Technology innovative ideas and solutions for the future technology as far as IT and advertising special fields are concerned. Our ideas and solutions which we realise on our own from the ground up to improve our products and services. As a result, we provide to our clients products and solutions that meet and fulfil their expectations
The innovative ideas and solutions Lumi Technology team are specialists in the fields of IT, marketing, management, finance and production. Our working experience in lots of different branches which we are still gaining, has helped us to create new solutions we would like to share with you on our site.
It is often said that the advertising drives trade. Thus, on our sites we offer you the solutions which help in attracting new clients and opening to new markets. We offer you our knowledge and experience in the following scope:
  • creating Internet websites, online shops, portals
  • professional auction templates
  • designing layouts for websites
  • extensive help in estalishing a trade cooperation with Polish companies
  • professional representative office on the territory of Poland
  • Internet marketing and attracting new clients using Internet,
  • best quality and effective software / firmware and programmes for smaller and larger companies
  • and many more!
A lot of you shared with us your suggestions and opinions on Internet web site editing panel (that is, management of the site content). We are very grateful to you for that.
The Lumi Technology innovative ideas and solutions team make use of the experience on the IT branch and their employees and they always takes into account your suggestions. They are the basic ingredients from which we then create software to change the websitesite content adding our own creative ideas. As a result, we and our products get increasingly more positive feedback and interest from clients of virtually all special fields who are interested in site content changes and creating online shops. We pay the special attention to all your testimonials, so that we could bring you even more professional, complex and comprehensive services.
Our Lumi CMS panels enable the self-reliant expansion of the site on the following:
  • forms (that is, contact form), product enquiry, polls, or ordering of services,
  • testimonials,
  • presentation of the firm using galleries,
  • easy and quick content change on the firm web page,
  • easy photo (images) adding,
  • adding files,
These are only some of the strengths offered by our software. We invite you to a co-operation with our company to experience and gain further benefits resulting from the use of Lumi CMS software.

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